John Alberici hails from the historically musical state of New Jersey. This east coast singer/songwriter rolls the best of traditional and eclectic influences into his own unique writing and performance style. His influences range from Jon Bon Jovi’s Richie Sambora, Kings X (Ty Tabor), and Harry Connick Jr. to focused, compositional bass players. However, Jaco Pastorius and Victor Wooten are two of John’s biggest musical influences when it comes to writing direction. Alberici spins a unique and instantly-likeable insight for music fans hungering for intelligent and passionate music.

His latest release is a five-song EP, Just a Man. The CD has already generated a single, (“Won’t You Stay”) and is receiving positive press and impressive airplay. John’s style is immediately refreshing, as he digs down deep, releasing his passionate insight about lost love, life’s challenges and the grand, ongoing journey that is his life. “Won’t You Stay” is a tender and catchy look into love’s undiscovered fate, future, and its end result. Bouncy, breezy, and full of lyrical fire, “Wont You Stay,” has the longevity needed for any artist to move to the next exciting level.

Just a Man features the able assist of drummer Thomas Bendel (Buried Beds), as well as bassist extraordinaire Antar Goodwin (Sting, Glen Burtnik, Lauryn Hill). Their expertise lends solid and well-thought-out rhythms that move underneath the intricate guitar styling of Alberici. Utilizing acoustic baritone, double-neck, and six-string acoustic guitar, Alberici leaves no stone unturned in his quest for painting an ever-widening portrait of musical and lyrical color.
John Alberici is not afraid to walk outside the common pathway of pop music. His compositional style swings along the razor’s edge of soul-infused jazz, rock and alternative-based folk without being swallowed up by any distinct genre or label. John has also been a member of the New York Singer-Songwriter Circle and had a number one song on their specific chart.

John Alberici has had many opportunities to demonstrate his skill as a writer. Just a Man is his latest way of demonstrating that music does not have to follow the common crowd to start its own revolution.